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Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; currently in Madrid, Spain. Soul of a Fashionista is a blog where I share my perspective of the fashion and beauty industry. This space was created to inspire and motivate all those who read to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

With experience in the fashion industry and a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I have been able to collect, travel and learn from the industry in different places like Venezuela, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Panama City and now Madrid.

This is a space where I share my perspective and style with no intentions of telling you what to wear or how to wear it. I want to encourage you to wear whatever you feel like to and to express yourself all the way.

Also with a Petite and a Menswear section, I love integrating new points of view to share more variety and diversity to this little space.

"You can be anything you want to be."

Experience and brands I have worked with/been featured
Assisted backstage, dressed models and helped at fashion shows with designers/brands such as:

Neiman Marcus
Miami Fashion Week Swim: Aqua Di Lara & VIX Paula Hermanny
Perry Ellis
NY & Company
Roberto Cavalli
A night on the Runwade
Oscar de La Renta
Carolina Herrera
Miami Fashion Week

Manage social media accounts, collaborated and have been featured with brands/designers/magazines:

Cliché Magazine
Gambita, now Caroline Alvo.
G&W Jewelry
Vedette Shapewear
Silvano Apparel
3 Lily Pads
Sea Reinas
Ocean Drive Panama (Brand Ambassador)