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What to do When Being Rejected By a Brand/Influencer?

As bloggers, we love to collaborate with brands and influencers, at least in my case I enjoy it very much. Is not a secret that at some point either if you are starting or you like a brand a lot; you reach out to them for a potential collaboration or you apply to websites to affiliate as well.

Most of the times you get a very nice response and meet kind people who like to support bloggers. Other times we get that rejection message, it might sound or read like “unfortunately right now you don’t meet our qualifications but keep doing what you are doing and apply again in a near future”. I am sorry but this literally makes me feel like sh*t, is not cool or nice.

To me, this should be a reason to actually keep doing what you do. Not because they tell you to but because you love doing it. Here are a few tips to overcome this rejection feeling:

- Don’t let rejection discourage you.
- Blogging is a rough world with a lot of diminishing people but you just have to keep it up because everyone is DIFFERENT, UNIQUE and has SOMETHING TO OFFER.
- Be consistent with your content and publishing schedule.
- When receiving e-mail rejections answer back nicely thanking them for their time.
- Find new ways to improve your blog.
- Remember the reason why you are doing this, for YOU, not other people.
- Look for ways to create new sections, be more innovative or interact more with your readers.
- Look at others bloggers strategies to advertise themselves and putting themselves out there.
- Is always good to learn from others and start improving in your own way.

Have you ever been rejected by a brand/influencer? How do you overcome this situation?

Como bloggers nos encanta colaborar con marcas y otros influenciadoras, al menos en mi caso lo disfruto mucho. No es un secreto que en algún momento si estas empezando o te gusta una marca mucho, te pones en contacto con ellos para una colaboración o aplicas a páginas para ser afiliado.

La mayoría de las veces o una buena cantidad te dan una muy buena respuesta y conoces gente que les gusta apoyar a los bloggers. Otra veces recibimos rechazo algo asi como “Lo sentimos, en este momento no cumples con nuestros requisitos pero sigue haciendo lo que haces y aplica en un futuro cercano.” Ok, lo siento pero esos mensajes a mi me tumban el animo completamente.

Para mi esta debería ser una razón para seguir haciendo lo que haces. No porque te lo hayan dicho pero porque te gusta hacerlo. Aqui unos tips para no dejar que esos mensajes te afecten:

No dejes que el rechazo te haga sentir mal.
Ser blogger es dificil con mucha gente que te hará sentir que no eres suficiente pero debes seguir adelante porque todos somos diferentes, únicos y tenemos algo que ofrecer.
Se consistente con tu contenido y publicaciones.
Cuando recibes e-mails de rechazo responde dando gracias por su tiempo.
Encuentra maneras siempre de mejorar algo de tu blog.
Recuerda que la razón por la que haces esto es POR TI, no por los demás.
Busca maneras de crear nuevas secciones, ser más innovador e interactuar más con tus lectores.
Busca a otros bloggers y mira como lo hacen, sus estrategias y como se hacen publicidad.
Siempre es bueno aprender de otros y mejorar en tu propia manera.

¿Alguna vez te ha pasado? ¿Cómo sigues adelante de esta situación?

Motivation Monday

Because being happy is a decision and not something that happens just like that. We have to choose to be happy in order to attract positive things to our life. No matter how hard it seems, no matter how hard it can be, start with small steps until you have the control to choose to be happy, that's what self -discovery is about.

What are you choosing today?

Porque ser feliz es una decisión no es algo que pasa asi como asi. Debemos elegir ser felices para atraer cosas positivas a nuestras vidas, no importa lo dificil que parezca o lo dificil que sea. Empieza con pequeños pasos hasta que tengas el control de tu propia felicidad, eso es lo que significa descubrirnos a nosotros mismos.

¿Qué eliges hoy?


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Must visit: Panama's Casco Antiguo

If there is one place I am completely in love with in Panama is this one. As a tourist is a must have obviously, and when you get to live here for a while is the best plan for the weekend or a night out.
The architecture and beauty of this place is breathtaking, if you ever find yourself in Panama you must go. 
Here are a few pictures I took when I went the other day.


Si hay un lugar que me encanta en Panamá es este. Como turista es un deber pasar por el Casco Antiguo y cuando vives aqui por un tiempo es el mejor plan de fin de semana o para una salida nocturna.
La arquitectura y belleza de este lugar te deja sin aliento, si alguna vez tienes la oportunidad de visitar Panamá, anota este lugar como el primero en la lista.
Aqui les dejo algunas fotos de un paseo que hice el otro día.



Do Bloggers Help Each Other? - My Experience

Ok, so this is a subject which I have come to see more often this past couple of months. It’s been a rough year so far and honestly, I am well aware my blog might not be the most influential, popular, followed or anything similar to this but at least I am happy that I get to be me. And even if it’s to inspire at least one person, that is just an extra reward.

Since I am aware of the popularity of my blog I told myself: why not ask for help/advice? I tried doing that but it was not quite as I expected. I understand as bloggers we are all trying to make it because there are so many of us. The beauty of this is that we are all so very different and we have so much to offer individually.

In this social media era, you are your numbers, and your likes and the brands you work with and the people who you know. Of course, 99% of the time when you are successful is either because you fought to be there or because you know important people and they kind of helped you get there.

I feel like a lot of them judge you for your social media/look/numbers etc. and it makes me sad it is this way. Hey, at least I have this platform to let you know about my point of view. Sometimes I try to understand the situation, maybe is my content? Maybe is my blog? Maybe is my way of being? I don’t know but I do think it’s not cool if you judge people for any of these reasons. You know how women claim to empower each other? I have seen lots of quotes and posts about this but have not really seen a lot of practice.

Where do I want to get with all of this? I Just want to let you know from my point of view, being a blogger has not been easy and receiving help from fellow bloggers it not easy either (especially if they have tons of followers and readers, they become more important and popular). I have not been doing this for a month or a year, it’s been 4 years+ and here I am. I just want you to know there are many sides to everything and this is mine. So, should I quit doing what I really love because my worth is basically measured on followers/likes/popularity? Of course not, I love what I do and I do it for MYSELF, as I said if I get to inspire or motivate you in some way that’s an extra reward.

I spent years giving more importance to everyone else’s opinions but this is the space that gave me the courage to stand up for myself; to think about me but also communicating with others who might feel the same way. If you don’t like something change it, if someone asks for your help and you are able to give it to them, DO IT. This world does not measure your followers/likes/popularity it measures your kindness, your humbleness, and your honesty.

After writing all of this, I just want to ask. Is there anyone out there reading this? If so, what is your opinion on this matter? I would really love to read more points of view.

Ok este es un tema que he podido estudiar un poco más estos últimos meses. Este año empezó de locura y yo estoy muy clara que mi blog no es el más popular, seguido o algo similar pero me hace feliz y si llego a inspirar al menos a una persona, es una satisfacción muy grande.

Como yo sé muy bien donde mi blog está parado me dije: ¿por qué no pedir ayuda/consejo a otras bloggers? Lo intenté pero la verdad no salió como pensé. Yo entiendo que como bloggers todas estamos intentando posicionarnos sobre todo cuando hay tantas en todo el mundo. La belleza de esto es que todas somos diferentes y tenemos mucho que ofrecer individualmente.

En esta era de redes sociales tu eres tus numeros y tus likes, las marcas con las que trabajas y la gente a la que conoces. Claro, 99% del tiempo cuando sé es muy exitioso es porque se luchó para llegar ahí o conociste mucha gente que te ayudó.

Siento que muchos te juzgan por como te ves, tus numeros, etc y me pone muy triste que sea de esta manera. Al menos tengo este espacio para hacerles saber mi punto de vista. A veces trato de entender la situación: ¿quizá es mi contenido? ¿mi forma de ser? ¿mi blog? No lo sé, pero si creo que es triste si juzgas a alguien por alguna de estas. ¿Saben como las muejeres asegunra que están para apoyarse unas a otras? Pues he visto bastantes quotes y posts de ello pero poca practica.

 ¿Adonde quiero llegar con todo esto? Solo quiero que sepan mi punto de vista, ser blogger no ha sido ni es fácil, y recibir ayuda de otros bloggers tampoco lo es (sobretodo si tienen muchos seguidores y se vuelven importante y populares). No he estado haciendo esto por un mes o un año, han sido más de cuatro años y aqui estoy. Solo quiero que vean que hay muchos lados de una historia, y este es el mio.

Entonces ¿debería dejar de hacer todo lo que hago basado en mis seguidores/likes/popularidad? La respuesta es un rotundo y firme NO. Amo lo que hago y lo hago por mi y pues si llego a inspirar o motivar a alguien es una recompensa extra.

Pasé muchos años de mi vida dando más improtancia a lo que decian y pensaban los demás pero este espacio me dio la valentia para ser yo misma, pensar en mi y también conectar con otros que puedan sentirse igual. Si no te gusta algo cambialo tu, si tienes la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien, HAZLO! Este mundo no te va a recordar por los seguidores/likes o popularidad sino por tu amabilidad, humildad y honestidad.

Después de todo esto me queda preguntar ¿hay alguien ahí? Y si es asi, ¿que opinan de este tema? Me gustaría leer más sobre que piensan.

Motivation Monday

Sometimes is not about where we are in life but how we feel where we are. Even though sometimes I wish I was somewhere else I am so thankful I get to be here, and experience and know about a different culture, country and way of life. Feeling alive is not only about being physically in a place you want to be but also, mentally. If we are comfortable with ourselves, what we are doing and we are always looking to improve then, we should feel more alive than ever. Of course, From time to time it is key to travel to other places where you can feel more you, more alive than ever.

Where do you feel more alive? Share!

A veces no es acerca de donde estamos sino de como nos sentimos donde estamos. Aunque muchas veces quisiera estar en otro lugar, estoy muy agradecidad de poder conocer una nueva cultura y experimentar un nuevo estilo de vida. Sentirse vivo no es solo acerca de estar fisicamente en un lugar en el que quieras, pero también mentalmente. Si estamos cómodos con nosotros mismos, lo que estamos haciendo y siempre buscamos la manera de evolucionar y mejorar; deberíamos sentirnos más vivos que nunca. Claro, de un tiempo a otro es necesario que viajemos a otros luagres donde nos sintamos mas nosotros, y ese sentimiento de sentirnos vivos evolucione.

¿Dónde se sienten más vivos? Compartan!

Pastel Vest Effect

Pictures: Gary Robles

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Which Apps Do I Use More?

As a blogger, social media is necessary to put yourself out there and well, these days having a phone is kind of necessary for most people. There are people who love to have a bunch of apps but use very few or maybe all of them, I like to have apps I use all the time and that serve a purpose. These are my most used apps:

Instagram – is my number one app (duh) I love being on instagram and I enjoy looking through my feed and finding new accounts to follow. I follow very few accounts but I like to be inspired and I actually like to see the posts of the people I follow. I don’t know how people who follow 1000 others can find all the posts; I follow for a reason and is because I feel inspired by whoever I am following.

Snapchat – I remember the first time I downloaded I ended up deleting it because I did not understand a thing (do not blame me I am sure I am not the only one). Then I went back on it and decided to give it a try, now I currently love it and enjoy it.

Twitter – I have been trying to be more engaged on twitter, you can actually get to know a lot of people there better than instagram and you get to socialize with them and find a lot people too.

Sweat with Kayla – I am currently working on my fitness lol. And you will never find a gym that would give you all the tools this program gives you for $20 a month.

Pinterest – pin pin pin. I am not very much on it but I do find a lot of useful things all the time. Is like another Google to me haha.

A color story – when it comes to editing pictures, I am more of a perfect lightning than perfect filter type of girl. I like apps you can play with the lightning and this one is amazing.

Layout – thankfully instagram came up with their own app to make collages because the rest that existed were not as good. I use it mostly for collages of my videos.

VSCO and afterlight – editing purposes.

Retouch – ok this app is pretty awesome. You know how sometimes you get the perfect shot except that someone ran to the picture at the moment you were taking it? Or there is a stain you did not see on your carpet? Well, this one is like a little Photoshop magic but way easier and faster. You can actually delete those little details to have the perfect picture.

Veditor – to crop my YouTube videos and put them on my phone.

Facebook – don’t really use it much but is there.

Vine – from time to time I log back in and laugh my butt off. Always one if my favorites.

Dubsmash – it’s awesome!

Uber – we all need it.

That’s pretty much it; I have like two games but don’t really play them. My battery dies because of instagram, snapchat and twitter always.

Which other apps do you have on your phone? Anything fun to try? Share below!