One of the best ways of making a skirt not looking like a skirt is mixing it with cute tops and make it look like a dress, that's what I was going for on this outfit I wore for school, it looks kind of a school uniform, very preppy and that's why I liked it.
I usually plane my outfits ahead and this day it was raining so bad but I really wanted to wear the outfit, so I didn't care and I just went out like this and ignore the rain (although my hair didn't ignore it at all hahaha) What do you think?  

Una de las mejores maneras de hacer que uan falda no se vea como una falda es mezclarla con un top y hacerla ver como vestido, ese era mi punto con este look, se ve como un uniforme colegial y me gusta.
Usualmente planeo mis looks días antes de usarlos y este día estaba lloviendo terriblemente, quería usar este look porque si!! Asi que, no m eimporto y me lo puse e ignore la lluvia (aunque mi cabello no la ignoro para nada. Frizzzz jajaja) Que opinan?

Forever 21 whole outfit 
Zero UV sunglasses
Suite Blanco bag
H&M flats
Loreal 766 lipstick