High-Low style

I used to be really afraid of skirts before, because I felt they didn't look good on me, but I start trying some and they turned out really good, my favorite: high-low style, for some reason I'm obsessed although I love long skirts too :)

All clothes: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M


Maxi dresses

If you are short like me the best way to seem a little tall is wear maxi skirts and dresses, I am personally in love with maxi stuffs, they look so cute and this dress is lovely.

From Forever 21 :)

Better things to come

Hi guys. I am making some big changes on my blog, from now on I will not post pictures of me of my look if they are not good quality enough, I will try to make the best blog as I can, so I deleted old posts to start fresh :). I hope you like and enjoy.

All clothes: Forever 21
Flats: H&M

Hottest summer

Beautiful day at Santa Barbara, California a while ago.

Chambray/Dress/Glasses: Forever 21