How about gorgeous blouses by ZARA? Yes please!!!!

Checkout some beautiful and simple of them.


Zara lovers

This week is all about ZARA this store is really expensive but if you like and you can you buy here haha.

I'm a big fan of coats, cardigans, hoods, sweaters and blazers, so take a look of this ones by ZARA and of course check out the complete look :)


Nails design

So I'm pretty obsessed with my nails all the time I want to make all the designs I can or at least the ones I can do haha. Here are some pretty awesome designs for your nails :)

P.S: pictures from the Internet of course :)

Accessories are girls best friend

I Can't go out without the perfect accessorie for my outfit. Loooove accessories, check out some :)

My December trip

So I went to Curaçao on December for the holidays of course and here are some pictures I took :)


Nail Polish

The F21 collection of nail polish Love & Beauty has really amazing colors although I really like OPI check out some of both collections.